Nordic data protection authorities deepen their cooperation

At the annual Nordic data protection meeting, which this year was arranged by the Swedish Data Protection Authority, the so-called Stockholm Declaration was signed.

The contents of the Stockhom declaration mean that Nordic cooperation in the field of data protection is strengthened. The respective country’s data protection authority is now committed t, for example cooperating, on methodology and results from national supervisory activities, to creating a network for exchanging information on cooperation within the EU and to providing support and guidance to data protection representatives.

In 2018, the Nordic data protection authorities signed the so-called Copenhagen Declaration, which forms the basis of this year’s declaration. Within the framework of the cooperation, the Nordic authorities will, according to the Copenhagen Declaration, develop common guidelines, exchange templates for assistance agreements and work for a similar way of classifying and managing personal data incidents.

Read more on the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s webpage (in Swedish).


Published on 11 July 2019


Updated on 23 September 2019