Whenever you want to share your knowledge and experiences from your research activities, it is important to know what you can share and how you should proceed.

Disclosure of data

Register data that you have used in your research can only be made available to someone else after a formal request to access the data. In the public sector, the rules on publicity and confidentiality necessitate a data-protection assessment, which includes, among other things, that the principal conducts a new risk assessment before the information can be disclosed. The organisation where you performed the research (the research principal) is responsible for the disclosure and for ensuring the risk assessment is carried out. These rules can also be updated for a request to access data that has been used and exists within your own organisation.

Your experiences are valuable

You are also encouraged to share the experiences that you have gained through your research work. For example, valuable experiences can be:

  • the software code used
  • knowledge of content and coverage of registers
  • the meaning of different variables and their usefulness
  • lessons learned during the research process.


Published on 19 March 2018


Updated on 10 January 2020