We use various types of cookies on our website. Here you can read about cookies, and how you as user can determine what information is stored using the cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your computer and contains information about your visit to our website.

How cookies are used

The cookies are used for website statistics. The statistics help us to understand how the website is used, and howwe can make it better for our visitors. We also measure visitor flows between the website and other digital services and websites provided by the Swedish Research Council. We analyse the website statistics using the tool Google Analytics.There are also cookies that store settings you have made yourself on the website.

You can turn cookies off

You can choose to turn off the feature that stores cookies in your browser. If you do this, no cookies will be stored, but you will also not be able to use certain features on the website. You can also delete your browser’s cookie history later.

You can search on the internet for instructions about how to

  • turn cookies off
  • check what cookies are already stored on your computer
  • delete stored cookies in your browse


Cookie name Purpose Life time
_ga Web analytics 2 years
_gid Web analytics 24 hours
collect Web analytics Session
_ga_FLVGWCRL72 Web analytics 2 years
FPID Web analytics 2 years
FPLC Web analytics 20 hours
pll_language Stores language preference 1 year
Cookielawinfo Several cookies that handle your accept/denial of cookies on the web site. 1 year


Published on 5 March 2021


Updated on 21 December 2022