If you are considering or already conducting register-based research, here we provide examples of resources on courses, seminars and other training activities in Sweden, both at the doctoral and undergraduate level.

At the individual Swedish higher education institutions, you can find relevant courses and training programs in research areas where register data is used. Most courses are in Swedish but quite a few are offered in English as well. In addition there is also information about other training courses below.

The Swedish Research Council finances a number of research environments and a research school in register-based research. Courses in register-based research are to be organised within the research school. The national SIMSAM network (2014-2018) is no longer in operation but you can still access previous educational materials and presentations on SIMSAM’s website.

The National Board of Health and Welfare and Statistics Sweden (link in Swedish) arrange conferences and seminars  related to statistics and the use of register data for research.

The Swedish National Data Service (SND) arranges seminars, workshops, conferences, discussion forums and training events on, for example, data management, open access and laws and regulations.

The National Quality Registers (link in Swedish) at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Regional Register Centres (link in Swedish) and related stakeholders arrange courses and conferences on Swedish national quality registers from a healthcare and research perspective.

You can also find a useful step-by-step guide on registerforskning.se.


Published on 21 March 2018


Updated on 3 April 2023