News from the National Board of Health and Welfare

In order to access follow-up data more quickly, you can now subscribe to statistics and individual data collections from the National Board of Health and Welfare’s Registerservice.

New e-service

A new e-service makes it easier to fill in the information that Registerservice needs to be able to process a case effectively, which leads to shorter processing times.

Repeated delivery of data for orders with unchanging study population

Registerservice also offers repeated deliveries, which means that you receive several deliveries within the same order. Thus you do not have to be placed in a queue before each new delivery, and the confidentiality test need only be carried out once. Data can be delivered monthly or yearly depending on the register. In order to be able to receive repeated deliveries, you must have an unchanging study population, and you should not change the contents of the order over time.

Read more at Registerservice’s webpage or contact them via or LinkedIn.


Published on 13 May 2019


Updated on 17 September 2019