New registers in RUT

More registers have joined the RUT metadata tool. The Swedish Hernia Register (“Bråckregistret”) can now be found in RUT. Moreover, the Swedish National Diabetes Register has been expanded with a sub-register called Swediabkids.

The diabetes register has also been updated to include the years 2017 and 2018. A month ago, the Cause of Death Register as well as the Swedish Stroke Register (“Riksstroke”) were updated.

Swediabkids is a nationwide quality register for children and young people with all types of diabetes. The register was established in 2000 by the Swedish Pediatric Society’s sub-association for endocrinology and diabetes. The register has been complete since 2007, meaning that all clinics where children and adolescents with diabetes are treated report data to Swediabkids and the reporting rate is almost 100%.


Published on 7 May 2019


Updated on 17 September 2019