Free e-course on the Biobank Act (in Swedish)

This web-based training course is based on materials developed by Biobank Sweden. The project was started in 2016 by the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, ASCRO, Biobank Sweden and LIF (the Pharmaceutical Industry Association).

Updated and free

The training course has now been updated in accordance with new Biobank Act from 2019. Also new in 2020 is that the participants in the project offer the training free of charge to everyone in the industry.

Content and format

The training is entirely web-based and takes about 60 minutes to complete. After a short course evaluation, you can download a certificate of participation.

  • The Biobank Act in brief – when does it apply?
  • Biobanks – regulations, set up, biobank manager’s assignment, quality manual
  • Sample management – sample submission for analysis, handling, storage
  • What should the sample provider agree to (abroad, storage time, destruction of samples)
  • Various agreements for access to samples (single centre and multicentre study)
  • During the course of the study (significant changes, additions, terminations)
  • Case 1 – 5 (review of different types of cases)

Target group

Individuals/organisations writing biobank applications.

More information and application (in Swedish)

Read more about Biobank Sweden here


Published on 10 February 2020


Updated on 10 February 2020