Registerforskning 2019

Sweden has fantastic prerequisites for register-based research. However, can the systems and methods of today meet the challenges of tomorrow?

What kind of tools and services could in the future facilitate research or even create new opportunities?

Registerforskning 2019 is aimed at those working with register-based research, regardless of whether it is at a public agency, a higher-education institution or a private company. The conference aims to inspire participants and develop their skills. This year we cast a curious eye at the future and hope for visionary talks and innovative ideas that in the long term can contribute to even more successful research based on register data. Closing day for registration: 11 October.


Date: Wednesday, 6th November (full day)
Location: Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm
Main organizer: The Swedish Research Council

Program and register for Registerforskning 2019

Please note that the majority of talks at Registerforskning 2019 will be in Swedish.

Welcome on 6th November!


Published on 8 February 2019


Updated on 10 February 2020