The National Quality Registry for intensive care (SIR)

The National Quality Registry for intensive care (SIR) has since 2001 registered patients who have received intensive care in Sweden. SIR has a high coverage rate, and almost all intensive care units in Sweden report to the register. The register aims to provide data on and improve the quality of Swedish intensive care. SIR also promotes method development and research on intensive care, focusing on epidemiology but also other targeted areas.

SIR consists of 10 sub-registries and covers not only the intensive care process. Events before (mobile intensive care group, MIG) and after intensive care (Sw. “PostIVA”) are also registered to reflect the entire chain of care.

On the register’s website you can find annual reports, overviews of data and results (e.g. data on patients with COVID-19 receiving treatment in Swedish intensive care units) as well as information on how to conduct research using data from SIR.

SIR receives funding within the framework of an agreement between the state and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) concerning National Quality Registry. SIR is certified as level 1. A list of the contents of the register with respective variables can be found in RUT (Register Utiliser Tool).


Register holder: Region Värmland

Register centre  affiliation: Register Centre Stockholm, QRC


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Register Country Register holder Latest update
The National Quality Registry for intensive care (SIR) Sweden Värmland Region 2020-05-15