Swedish Register of Palliative care

The Register of Palliative care consists of data on patient level regarding how well the care complies to defined criteria for good end-of-life care. The register thus supports continuous improvement work aimed at optimal care for these patients, regardless of diagnoses, age and who performs the care.

The Register of Palliative care is financed by and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. The register has certification level 2

On the register website you can find annual reports, next-of-kin information and instructions for researchers. The register contents and variables can be explored in the RUT metadata tool (Register Utiliser Tool).


Contact:    info@palliativregistret.se

Central authority for personal data:
Regionstyrelsen för Region Kalmar län

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More information on the register’s website

More information about the initiative on the Swedish National Quality Registers’ website


Register Country Register holder Latest update
Swedish Register of Palliative care Sweden Region Kalmar län 2021-03-18