Swedish National Cervical Screening Registry

The Swedish National Cervical Screening Registry (NKCx) consists of data from the preventive work with cervical cancer including:

  • Invitations to screening
  • Cervical cytologies
  • Cell samples human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Cervical histopathologies

In addition, the register entails a copy of the Population register, which makes it possible to connect the screening data to the population as a whole.

As a Swedish National Quality Register, NKCx receives funding within the framework of an agreement regarding Swedish National Quality Registers between the Swedish state and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. NKCx has certification level 1.

On the register website you can find annual reports, patient information and instructions for researchers. The register contents and variables can be explored in the RUT metadata tool (Register Utiliser Tool).

Contact: info@nkcx.se

Central authority for personal data:
Karolinska University Hospital, on behalf of Region Stockholm

Register center affiliation: Regional Cancer Center West (RCC Väst)

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More information on the register’s website

More information about the initiative on the Swedish National Quality Registers’ website


Register Country Register holder Latest update
Swedish National Cervical Screening Registry Sverige Karolinska University Hospital 2021-01-19